"For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord..." 2 Cor. 4:5



 ………..founded in 1957 by Paul L. Steffens, a 14th generation
descendant of the reformer Dr. Martin Luther (1483-1546)

A NonDenominational Christian Church
Staying true to Luther’s life’s theme; “the just shall live by faith“, Pastor Steffens continued the four century long family heritage of preaching and teaching the Word of God only. From a strictly nondenominational presentation of Scripture truths, the parishioners receive an unbiased diet of spiritual milk and meat.

Joining his father in 1976, Paul K. Steffens has filled the role of Associate Pastor. Together, both father and son endeavor to remain true and without compromise to the teachings of the Holy Bible.

Its Members Growing in the Lord
Since its conception, our fellowship has remained small in size since many of its members, after being nurtured in spiritual matters have moved on to serve the Lord Jesus around the globe. Being a small church has the added benefits of personal, close contacts with parishioners and Pastors.

Spreading the Gospel on LI., New  York & Beyond
Though small in size, the Church has lifted up its eyes to the harvest fields. In 1993 we launched the The Evangelical Mission Society of America (EMSA), bringing the Gospel to distant lands. Pastor Paul K. Steffens traveled numerous times to Asia and Eastern Europe to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ. Upon his journeys abroad he came into contact with suffering orphans in the Communist country of Russia. With an urgent plea from local Christians not to abandon them, EMSA opened up offices in both Moscow, Russia and Tbilisi, the Rep. of Georgia. Since that time, by the grace of God, thousands of orphaned, abused, and handicapped children have heard the liberating truth of the Gospel.

Preaching and Teaching the Truth of God’s Word
So if you are looking for a small loving church, preaching the truth of God’s Word at home and abroad, please come by and check us out.  

Who knows?, God may even lead you to become a part of our family!


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